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Second Trimester Pregnancy: Discharge

October 30, 2020


Another change with the hormones that can happen during the second and third trimester of pregnancy is in the vagina. So we know that the discharge of the vagina is hormonally responsive. And so you’re going to have some changes in the consistency, even the color or the smell of the vaginal discharge. But if you have any concerns about an infection, for example, the discharge changes abruptly. You notice there’s a weird smell or an, a foul odor or some burning or itching. It could indicate that there’s a vaginal infection, potentially a yeast or candida infection, potentially a bacterial infection. And most of the time, the vast majority of the time that is not a concern for the baby or the pregnancy at all, but it is something that can be very uncomfortable for you as the mom, and to make sure that you see your doctor so that you can get those things treated.

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