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Second Trimester Pregnancy: Overview

October 30, 2020


In the second trimester of pregnancy running from the 13th to the 26th week, a lot of changes are happening in your body. So around this time, baby is really starting to grow big. So we’re getting an increase in the size of your uterus and increase in your breasts because their breast tissue is building up and getting ready for breastfeeding. And after 20 weeks around 20 to the 26 week mark, baby has a lot of room in there and is really starting to move. So you’re getting elbows and knees and kicks and bumps and all kinds of stuff happening so that you can really get to know that little one that’s inside of you. And around the time of the second trimester as your uterus is increasing in size, it’s coming up out of your pelvis and into your abdomen. You’re noticing that your belly is getting much bigger.

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