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Sepsis – Complications



Intravenous fluids and antibiotics are the mainstay of treatment. But many times patients come in too sick for those treatments to actually help them. So they will either die or suffer serious consequences, including organ damage. And, you know, it’s variable how certain patients will recover. You can make a full recovery, but most often you actually have some residual sequela or complications if you’ve been hospitalized for sepsis and or septic shock. The systemic nature of sepsis typically means that the body has undergone an inflammatory response that has damaged several parts of the body. And so it is a long recovery process and there are many factors involved in determining just what the prognosis or the ultimate outcome will be. But, you know, certainly in the beginning, at patients, chronic conditions lead to severe disease, and if they don’t get treated immediately, then they will suffer for the complications of sepsis.

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