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Sepsis – Occurrence



Sepsis typically occurs in the elderly, in adults over 60, and even in children under 1. However, all age groups are at risk, particularly those with underlying medical conditions, such as patients with immunocompromise, diabetes, and chronic organ diseases. Sepsis generally occurs from a severe infection. One of the reasons that sepsis can be so scary is that it can be caused by any infection of the body, such as a lung, kidney, or urinary tract infection. But even an infected tooth can cause sepsis, if left untreated. Sepsis occurs when a pathogen from an existing infection causes systemic symptoms in the body. Sepsis in mild stages is relatively common. If left untreated or when the body does not respond to treatment, sepsis may become severe and turn to septic shock. In the event of septic shock, multiorgan failure and low blood pressure may occur, potentially leading to death.

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