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Sexual Health – Alcohol

March 11, 2021


When we're talking about managing female sexual dysfunction, which is most commonly a decreased sexual desire, some of the remedies that we hear about include alcohol consumption or decreasing alcohol consumption and alcohol, because it has an impact on mood. It's actually a depressant can absolutely impact sexual function. So having alcohol on board can sometimes reduce inhibitions and allow us to be more free-flowing and maybe have a greater sense of, of freedom around wanting to have sex and therefore kind of lift any inhibitions that we may have, but having alcohol on board makes our sexual response less. So it makes it harder for us to respond sexually. During that encounter. When we happen to have had alcohol on board in the longterm, if someone drinks a lot of alcohol or alcohol on a regular basis, meaning more than one or two drinks a day, it has a depressant effect on mood. And if it has a depressant effect on mood, it can therefore have a negative effect on sexual function. So limiting alcohol over the long-term can really help or be one of the ways that can help create a healthier sex life. Because if you're off alcohol, you have a much more stable mood because you don't have that depressant effect.

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