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Sexual Health – Appointment

November 10, 2020


When you approach your healthcare provider about sexual health, a number of things will happen. Most OB GYN or gynecologists, and most family doctors who do women’s health will be well-equipped to answer your questions about sexual health, but some may not. And so if you feel as though you’re not getting the answers you’re looking for, or you’re not getting thorough answers, or you feel like the energy between you and your healthcare provider is making it very, very uncomfortable for you. Although it’s uncomfortable to talk about these things, if it’s overly uncomfortable and there doesn’t seem to be the development of a relationship or trust around the issue, then you may want to ask for a referral to a specialist, to a gynecologist or to a specialist who does specifically sexual health as their area of practice. And yes, those providers are available. So you’ll go into your health care provider. You’ll determine if that health care provider is ready to answer those questions. You’ll have your questions written out on a piece of paper and you’ll be willing to be very honest. The other really good thing you could do is to bring your partner along because sexual health is always a relationship issue. It’s never just one person. And even if it seems to be one person in the relationship, both partners need to be fully invested in the solution and in providing a path forward for the relationship and for the sexual health.

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