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Sexual Health – Clitoral Stimulation

November 10, 2020


Now there are various sexual toys that will preferentially stimulate the clitoris and they may help. They may be very helpful if a couple’s having trouble, either with arousal, lubrication, orgasm, or any aspect of the sexual cycle, assuming both partners are interested in using a sexual toy or a clitoral stimulator. It may be very beneficial and very helpful. It’s also very beneficial and helpful for a woman to stimulate her own clitoris on her own when her husband or partner or anyone else’s not around because it creates a feedback loop for the woman. So if she stimulates her clitoris she has positive response, potentially orgasm, when she masturbates and hopefully that can occur normally, then the feedback to the brain is, well, that was a good experience. That was a positive experience. And so the next time her partner approaches her, she knows that her body functions properly and that there’s a positive carry over from the last experience that she had, which may have been a masturbating experience on her own. Now women can masturbate without a clitoral stimulator, without a vibrator, without sexual toys, just with fingers. And that can work very well. But if we’re talking specifically about a clitoral stimulator that may add to the experience, especially if there’s sexual dysfunction and we’re trying to augment or support or find a path forward to treat that sexual dysfunction.

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