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Sexual Health – Female Testosterone

November 10, 2020


It’s only safe to have enough testosterone in your body that stays in the female range. So during post-menopause, our testosterone almost never goes away, but during post-menopause testosterone levels can fall. And if testosterone is tested by your doctor, it would be tested in the free or bioavailable form of testosterone, not the total testosterone. So the free or bioavailable form of testosterone. And if that’s found to be low, when you’re post-menopausal then giving you a little bit of testosterone and bringing that level into a higher testosterone level, but still in the female range. So not outside the female range, not in the male range of testosterone, but still in the female range of testosterone, just a little higher than it was before would be where your doctor would want to keep your testosterone level. In addition to following liver enzymes and cholesterol or lipid profiles, because those things can be adversely affected by taking testosterone.

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