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Sexual Health – G-Spot

December 10, 2020


The term G-spot is a lay term that we, in the fields of medicine, use rarely. There is on the, so this is the opening to the vagina on the model, on the part of the anterior wall of the vagina, so the upper part, when the woman is lying on her back, you can see the hole here is of the urethra where the urine comes out. There is erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra. So if you put your finger into the vagina in the top part, you’ll actually feel this tissue around the urethra. That’s the female version of the prostate, or what we call the female prostate. And the G-spot is in essence, the female prostate. You can argue that the G-spot is the compilation of a series of erectile organs, including the inside part of the clitoris, the inside part of the labia, called the bulbs of the vestibule. And they all form this complex interacting system that helps with orgasm.

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