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Sexual Health – HSDD – Overview

December 16, 2020


Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a very frustrating problem with women who have this condition and especially their partner in the relationship, where the partner feels that they don’t share love and intimacy. In HSDD the diagnosis is pretty much established by history. There are four questions that need to be addressed. The first question is, did you have desire previously? Do you have less desire than you did? Are you bothered by the low desire? And would you like to do something about the low desire? Pretty much establishes the diagnosis. We then ask a series of other questions to try and understand the etiology or the cause of the low interest. So it can be related to things like pregnancy or drugs that are people taking, or a depression that people have, or relationship problems people are having. If you can’t really define the cause, then the condition is called generalized acquired HSDD. For generalized acquired HSDD, probably the more common explanation for this condition, we now have an FDA approved drug. The name of the drug is called Addyi, ADDYI. Its chemical name is Flibanserin. It’s a hundred milligram tablet. You have 30 of them in a month. You take each tablet as you go to sleep at night. Has more than 50% chance of really changing the quality of life and the opportunity to resume sexual activity. How it works is, it takes women who do not have correct brain blood flow to appropriate centers of the brain and it reestablishes brain blood flow to those areas of the brain. Amazing, amazing concept and amazing new research, which is supporting the fabulous nature of this product. We were actually one of the larger prescribers of this product in the United States.

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