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Sexual Health – Hypoactive Sexual Desire

December 16, 2020


Male sexual dysfunctions are actually less common than women’s sexual dysfunctions, even though the FDA has approved many, many more drugs for men to help them with their sexual activity. A relatively uncommon problem are men, a relatively uncommon problem, is men who have low sexual interest. We also call this hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Sort of like twenty-five percent of relationships women will say that they, male partners will say in heterosexual sexual activity, will say that the woman has more sexual interests than the men. So that’s not as common as the condition in women where it is the number one more common central problem for women. It’s the same reason for low interest in that as in women, there are traditionally brain blood flow areas that receive blood for whatever reason, and these men, they don’t get them. We don’t have FDA approved products for that. So we use drugs off label. We have drugs that increase dopamine. We have drugs that increase oxytocin. We have drugs that increase norepinephrin and that drug is called Adderall. And it’s really a popular drug for men with this condition. We have drugs that lower serotonin that’s called Busiprone, a very important drug for this process. And we can help men who have low interest.

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