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Sexual Health – Peyronie’s Disease

December 10, 2020


There is yet another male sexual dysfunction. It’s not a desire and it’s not an arousal, it’s not a orgasm, it is not a pain issue, but it’s an anatomic change. So this is an issue of, I’ll use my fingers as the erection. Typically during intercourse, the penis enters the vagina and there’s a thrusting and there’s minimal resistance to the thrusting event. In some situations, if the woman tends to be on top and the woman moves substantially, she comes down on the erect penis. It can actually force the penis to buckle. And sometimes even the tissue fractures, it actually tears. When it heals the penis now has a curvature to it, which can actually prevent penetration during certain positions, actually cause pain to the partner. And it causes an emotional distress because the penis just looks very awkward. It’s also shorter cause it can’t stretch as much. So for a series of reasons, this curvature is called Peyronie’s disease. The doctor Francoise de la Peyronie, he was actually the doctor of King Louis the 15th, who had multiple wives and probably himself was injured by one of them and one of his sexual events.

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