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Sexual Health – Relationship

November 10, 2020


In terms of finding medical treatment for female sexual dysfunction, there are a couple on the market today that are worthy of knowing about, but I want to first set context that sexual health is such a emotional and mental and a relationship experience that it’s very difficult to medicalize sexual health. In other words, if we think that we can treat medical health issues with a pill or an injection or a cream or a procedure or anything external to the relationship, we’re really being shortsighted in that most of the time sexual health concerns are related to the relationship and related to a woman’s relationship with herself. Now, assuming that a woman has a very healthy relationship, that she has very good body image and self-confidence that she’s self differentiated. In other words, she’s independent and she knows what she needs, and she knows how to graciously have those needs met.

And assuming that the couple is very healthy in terms of both of them being very self-confident and very independent and very much equal and balanced in their relationship. Then if there are sexual health concerns, it’s very likely that they can be worked out in the relationship with a little bit of resources from healthcare, a little bit of resources from doing some own research, some books that might be available, some resources that might be available, some support groups or online communities that may be available. And most of the time that is all a couple needs in order to negotiate the challenges of a sexual health problem in their relationship.

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