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Sexual Health – Testosterone Treatment

November 10, 2020


So testosterone can be given in an off-label form in a couple of ways. It can be given as a transdermal gel that gets rubbed on the skin. It can be compounded into a vulvar cream that is rubbed in the vulvar area. And not yet approved would be a patch that women can wear that is approved in other countries, but not in the us or Canada. And there are other compounded forms of testosterone, and there are other forms being used, such as pellet therapy, which quite frankly, don’t have long-term safety and efficacy data and therefore have not yet been FDA approved. So I would suggest that if you’re considering androgen therapy or you want to consider testosterone therapy, that you see your healthcare provider and you get referred to a specialist who can assess and monitor you in terms of your testosterone level, making sure that you don’t have a testosterone level that goes outside of the female range and making sure that your other blood parameters stay safe.

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