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Sexual Health – Therapy

November 10, 2020


Another way to help with sexual health is counseling. So individual or personal counseling to help you manage or cope with any psychological trauma or any psychological experience that has you feeling down. It can absolutely help both with your relationship health and therefore with your sexual health. And so being in personal counseling psychotherapy or psychological counseling can have a positive effect on sexual health, but tuned to that, also coaching can help with sexual health. In other words, being in a coaching relationship, not so much a psychotherapy relationship, can help a woman’s sense of confidence and empowerment, and even her professional success, which all translates to greater confidence in the bedroom and greater confidence in her relationship. And couple counseling, of course, because it allows a couple to talk about concerns and challenges and areas of conflict with a third party present who can help facilitate the conversation, will absolutely uplevel sexual health. So if there are sexual health concerns and you’re considering counseling, either personal counseling or personal coaching or relationship work, those things can lead to a much healthier, more fulfilling sex life.

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