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Sexual Health – Vyleesi

November 10, 2020


A medication that can be used for hypoactive sexual desire disorder or decreased libido as it’s commonly called is called Vyleesi or bremelanotide, and bremelanotide or Vyleesi has just recently been approved by the FDA. It is an injection medication that you would take some time before you’re planning to have a sexual encounter. And it is approved for women who have decreased libido or low sexual drive that is not related to any other medical or health conditions and a decreased libido that is causing a significant conflict or a significant reduction in quality of life. And it is approved for premenopausal women. So women who have not been through menopause yet, some of the things that can happen with Vyleesi or bremelanotide is it can cause a high blood pressure or a low blood pressure. It can cause a decrease in heart rate.

It can cause darkening of the skin. And because it’s an injection that goes into the abdomen, it can actually cause injection site reactions as well. It can also cause headache or vomiting or nausea or fatigue or flushing, but essentially it’s actually been studied to be quite safe. So almost all medications have potential side effects or adverse effects. And so those are always listed on the label. And it’s always important to talk to your healthcare provider about those side effects, but in general, women who were studied to take Vyleesi or bremelanotide were found to be quite safe. And there was some positive impact on libido or sexual drive in premenopausal women who had no other medical conditions who had a significant reduction in their quality of life because of that sexual health concern.

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