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Shortness of Breath – Overview

January 24, 2021


Do you have a chronic feeling of shortness of breath, such that you can’t get a full breath often or sighing trying to get that last breath in? Do you feel as though when you take a deep breath, you’re not satisfied? I have a lot of patients that have this type of disorder. I call this neurogenic dyspnea, which means a nerve-based or a sensory cause of the feeling of shortness of breath. Most of my patients are diagnosed with asthma and although some may have asthma, asthma is not the cause of this breathing problem. Typically people have an upper respiratory infection or virus, and we know viruses can affect neurofunction. This can lead to a sensation of an incomplete breath, often leaving the patient feeling distressed that they can’t get a full breath. If you’re having a chronic feeling of shortness of breath, you’ve not had any significant relief with any type of inhalers or other medication, I’m happy to see you in consultation to help diagnose this problem. Using advanced diagnostic techniques and a lot of experience and knowledge of what these findings mean, I can help you arrive at a diagnosis and come up with a treatment regimen, which often finds relief for the majority of the people that I see.

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