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Sinusitis – Diagnosis

May 30, 2021


Patients will come into the office and they will report their symptoms. Whereby the doctor can determine whether this is a sinus infection, or this is some other condition. Classic symptoms of sinus infection are going to be: "Suddenly I can't breathe out of my nose. My nose is stuffy. I have green or yellow discharge from my nose. Suddenly my sense of smell has diminished. I'm feeling pain or pressure in my cheeks or around my eyes." These are all classic symptoms of a sinus infection. The doctor will then go ahead and look inside the nose and see what the lining of the sinuses look like with a camera called an endoscope. So nasal endoscopy may be performed in the ENT office. If they see pus or purulent discharge coming from the sinuses, that's a sinus infection. They may see signs of chronic inflammation that can tip them off to this being more of a chronic condition, depending on how long you've been having your symptoms for.

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