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Skin Cancer – Melanoma vs. Non-Melanoma

December 7, 2021


There are literally hundreds of individual kinds of skin cancer, but they all fall into two different buckets: Nonmelanoma and melanoma skin cancer. Nonmelanoma cancer typically grows in areas that have been exposed to the sun over time. Though it can also grow in places that have never been exposed to the sun. There are two types of nonmelanoma skin cancer: Basal cell and squamous cell. Usually with basal cell nonmelanoma, patients will notice a bump that’s tender or itchy. A scaly patch that’s itchy and tender might be a sign that you have squamous cell nonmelanoma skin cancer. Now what happens with melanoma is the cancer develops in the cells that produce skin pigment, which are called melanocytes. Melanoma skin cancer usually looks like a mole. It’s worth noting that you can have a melanoma anywhere on your body, even in areas that are not typically exposed to the sun. The way a mole changes is what distinguishes a cancerous mole from a normal mole.

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