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Sleep Apnea – Treatments

October 30, 2020


There are a variety of effective treatments for obstructive sleep apnea. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking somebody to sleep on their side rather than their back, because their sleep apnea only occurs while they’re sleeping on their back. Another option may be losing weight. Sometimes people’s sleep apnea is associated with extra weight and weight loss will help. Another option that’s become more popular and more effective. These days is an oral appliance for sleep apnea made by specialized dentists who make a dental device that bring the bottom jaw gently forward over time to make more room at the back of the airway. And that too will treat sleep apnea and snoring probably the most well-known and most accepted type of treatment for sleep apnea is C-PAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. And what we do is have a small machine that sits by the bedside that delivers some warm, moist air through a mask, either over the nose or over the nose and mouth that gives some pressure to keep the airway open. So it doesn’t collapse. There’s no snoring and then there’s no more sleep apnea.

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