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Sleep Tips – Bed Characteristics

October 30, 2020


The bed should be comfortable. The sheet should be comfortable. The pillow should be comfortable. The whole surrounding of your bedroom should be comfortable to promote sleep. Sometimes that means calming colors, such as natural tones, browns and blues, and beiges as opposed to bright red or bright orange colors, those are stimulating and you want to avoid that. So you want a calm surrounding. You want to be free of clutter, like they talk about in the Far East and fung shuei can have an effect on our mind. We want things to be like a Zen peaceful environment. The bed should be comfortable. The average life of a bed will be seven to 10 years. If your bed is much older than that, it probably does need to be replaced. Some mattresses need to be flipped and switched around because we tend to sleep in our same patterns and we want the life of the mattress to be extended, but you don’t want to be sleeping in a groove in your bed at night. It won’t be comfortable ultimately.

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