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Sleep Tips – Effects of Sleep Deprivation

October 30, 2020


Interestingly the most number of car accidents occur on Friday night, independent of alcohol. What this shows is that people who’ve been awake and more sleep deprived as the week goes on, are more likely of course, to get into car accidents, small details of attention, motor reaction time, all get affected, which can result in a car accident. Interestingly, which makes sense. The fewest amount of car accidents occur on Monday morning after people have had the whole weekend for some catch-up sleep. So we see the effects of sleep deprivation. So many different ways, certainly in the workforce, how well we think how we judge, how we make our critical thinking decisions, but also in our health and people who tend to be more sleep deprived are more likely to catch a cold. They don’t have the immune proteins that are made as they should be during stage three sleep.

They’re more likely to get cancer for the same reason, because we need those immune proteins to fight the cancer cells that we’re always making. We also are more likely to have hypertension, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors. Sleep deprivation definitely affects our mind, but I could take anybody off the street and poke them all night long for one week. And what would happen, what we’d expect. They’d be tired, they’d be cranky and irritable. Their thinking wouldn’t be as good. Their blood pressure wouldn’t be as low and their motor function. So whether their coordination is playing a sport or playing a video game, it would be affected.

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