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Sleep Tips – Sleeping Habits

October 30, 2020


The bed should be reserved for sleep. That means there shouldn’t be reading, watching TV, playing video games, eating, or really doing much else than sleeping in our beds. We want to make a conditioned response that when we see our bed, we say, ah, that’s the place where I sleep well tonight, the exception may be sex. In today’s 24 hour society we often have our smartphones, cell phones, computers right next to us while we’re sleeping. Some people actually sleep with their phone right on their pillow next to their head. And when it buzzes or rings, they of course have to take a look and see who’s contacted them, or what’s new in the world on Facebook or anywhere else. The trouble with that is that it interrupts your sleep and interrupts your concentration. You’re always on. So you can’t actually turn off, relax and surrender. Flip is very unique. In other parts of our lives, we can work really hard, force ourselves through it and let our will win. With sleep It’s actually the opposite. All we can do is say sleep. I’m here in a horizontal position, in a dark room with my eyes closed, please come visit me. And it will eventually, but having phones and computers and other electronic gadgets, buzzing, clicking whistling, ringing will interrupt that natural flow.

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