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Spinal Anesthesia – Procedure

December 23, 2021


We will clean your back really well with an antiseptic solution to minimize the risk of any kind of infection. Then we’ll inject a tiny bit of medication of novocaine to make sure that the area where we’re doing the injection is numb. After that area in your back is numbed, then we’ll place a tiny needle and inject the local anesthetic, the solution into the space. Some anesthesiologists will ask you for your feedback to see if you feel the needle more on your right or your left, and that’s a very important indication that we’re injecting the local anesthetic in the right place. After the injection is given, the needle is carefully removed and there is nothing left in your back. Then we’ll ask you to lay down and wait for the block to take place. We’re gonna check on the level by asking you couple questions such as “Do you feel your legs heavy or not?”

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