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Stomach Ulcers – Complications

February 7, 2022


There can be some complications, especially in reference to ulcers where patient’s appetite may decrease, their weight may decrease. If that ulcer erodes and hits a blood vessel, they can have significant bleeding, which may require endoscopic therapy, where scope is passed through the mouth to the stomach, let’s say, and the ulcer is treated locally with either a thermal heating device or a clip or chemical injection. In rare cases, surgery might be required. But the things to keep in mind is that you can do a lot by watching your diet. If you have certain dyspeptic symptoms, it may be appropriate to be on a trial of antacid medicines for short period of time, but if you notice that your symptoms are prolonged, especially if they’re in existence for two weeks, you should definitely let your healthcare provider know so that you can be appropriately evaluated and treated.

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