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Stomach Ulcers – Symptoms And Complications

February 7, 2022


In reference to stomach ulcers, the most common symptom is pain. In fact, about 85% of the time patients will experience pain. It may be a sharp pain. A dull pain. Could be gnawing, aching. It may radiate to the, you know, from just below your chest bone and your belly button may go straight back. It may induce a feeling of nausea. Appetite may decrease, and naturally, if your appetite drops off, then patient may lose weight. So these are some of the telltale signs of patient having a stomach ulcer. Now, what becomes worrisome is if the patient vomits blood, if the patient loses on average more than 10% of their body weight, then these may be signs, let’s say, of a more severe ulcer or a complicated ulcer. When we talk about complicated ulcers, we’re talking about ulcers, which may have perforated and either become walled off or they’re free perforations, and that may require surgical correction. Or another complication of an ulcer aside from bleeding could be that ulcer is related to a cancer.

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