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Stroke – Causes

February 13, 2022


There are many causes for stroke and the causes can be sort of separated out based on the type of stroke that someone has. And I think it’s important because the vast majority of strokes are ischemic that we talked a little bit about the causes for ischemic strokes. And it’s worth it to recognize that sort of we had the risk factors that we talked about earlier, but this is actually the direct causes. And so for ischemic strokes, what we’re thinking about is and this is actually something that you’ll be experiencing if you’re ever in the hospital, how the physicians are approaching your evaluation because that the doctor is asking themselves, where did the stroke come from? And specifically there’s a clot that landed in an artery in the brain, where did that come from? And so the possibilities that we sort of consider are going to be one. And basically you can just start from here and you work your way up. Did it come from the heart? And we think about irregular heart rhythms that can occur and far and away the most common irregular heart rhythm in people over the age of 50 and the cause of probably close to 20% of all strokes is an irregular heart rhythm called A fib. Atrial fibrillation.

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