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Stroke – Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Definition

February 13, 2022


Lastly, the third type of stroke, the least common type of stroke, but also the most dangerous type of stroke is something called subarachnoid hemorrhage. With a subarachnoid hemorrhage, what you have, typically is you have a blood vessel with an aneurysm, an aneurysm is sort of a bubble like outpouching of the blood vessel. And with that bubble outpouching the blood vessel wall gets weak. And actually, it’s interesting, with an aneurysm, there are no symptoms. People can’t feel an aneurysm generally. The only time in the aneurysm becomes symptomatic is when it ruptures. And the symptom of that is a sudden onset, worst headache of your life. It just hits like this and people can lose consciousness suddenly. And what happens is that blood then spills around the outside of the brain, uh, causing irritation to the skin around the brain called the meninges, which caused the significant pain, headache, neck stiffness. And for those, it often requires coming to the hospital, potentially surgery to clip the aneurysm, and unfortunately often a prolonged stay in the hospital for monitoring.

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