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Stye – Symptoms

October 24, 2021


Besides for the red bump that occurs on the eyelid close to the eyelashes, you might also experience itchy eyes or blurry eyes when you have a stye. You might also feel like there’s something in your eye, that your eye is tender, that it’s tearing up, and you are sensitive to light. All of these symptoms will go away when your stye clears up. Usually styes clear up on their own. If the stye becomes infected, your doctor might prescribe antibiotic ointment or antibiotics to be taken by mouth. If this stye does not respond to this treatment and it starts to affect your vision, your doctor may need to perform intense pulsed light, also known as IPL, or surgically remove it. If the stye bleeds or spreads to the white of your eye, or it causes other areas of your face to become red, you need to see and consult your eye doctor as soon as possible.

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