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Surya Singh – Video Business Card

February 7, 2021


Hello, I’m Dr. Surya Singh.

I went to medical school at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, then came to the Brigham Women’s hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School. Residency training. I’m now board certified in Internal Medicine. I originally went into medicine because of the influence of my parents who worked in healthcare and specifically my father, who is now semi-retired, but is a medical director for a hospice agency in rural Texas, where he’s taken care of many patients who he’s known through three generations. And had a profound influence on me and my decision to go into medicine and think about going into primary care. But I ultimately decided that population health was my calling. And so spent most of my career doing that at several different stops, including a stint as the Chief Medical Officer in Specialty Pharmacy at CVS Health for several years. Now, I’ve started another company on my own with a close friend and colleague who’s also a physician, that’s in genomics, digital health and wellness. So my wellness journey has become an important part of my life. I’ve become a fitness enthusiast, tons of tennis and cycling and weightlifting and hiking. And I hope to see you progress on your wellness journey and use much of the material that I’ll produce for the Doctorpedia platform. And hopefully that you’re able to watch and read as you think about ways to be able to make different behavioral changes and lifestyle choices that progress and push you along that wellness journey.

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