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Teeth Whitening – Treatment Options

January 25, 2022


The biggest problem with teeth whitening is that it causes sensitivity. And I remember even myself when I did the first treatment of teeth whitening several years ago, I had so much sensitivity the next day I couldn’t even breathe in air. So I was really looking even from a personal standpoint, as well as for my patients, for something that’s safer. Let’s talk about some of the treatments that are available over the counter. So we have different trays that actually are not meant (customized) for your mouth and we also have the white strips that some of you probably have tried. The biggest complaint I heard about the white strips is that it could cause some gingival or gum sloughing off, and the gums become really red – meaning you actually have a burning of the gum. Luckily, today we have a 20 minute tooth whitening treatment. It’s laser-based that causes zero sensitivity and we have very high success rate with that.

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