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Testicular Torsion – Pubescent Male

February 24, 2021


The concern about testicular pain in a pubescent male is that that’s the time in which testicular torsion is most common. Testicular torsion, again, being twisting on its stock or on the spermatic cord. Testicle will do this sometimes after sexual activity, sometimes after some form of exercise and a young man will develop acute and exquisite testicular pain, what’s really happening is the blood supply to the testicle has been diminished by this twisting. So a young boy in the pubertal age range ought to really be considered for testicular torsion if he comes to his folks or friends and just complains of acute pain in his testicle. These folks always need to be assessed in an emergency room setting and abruptly taken to surgery. If in fact that diagnosis has made.

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