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Third Trimester Pregnancy: Emergencies

October 30, 2020


“In the third trimester, there are a lot of physical changes that are happening and a lot of stretching and, and a lot of discomfort in some situations. But some of the things that may be a red flag indicating that you need to see your doctor call your doctor right away would be if you started to have contractions that were painful and that were starting to last longer, or we’re starting to get closer together. So if you’re having repetitive contractions, it’s really important that you either go right to the hospital, you call the ambulance, or if it’s not too severe, and you can have that phone call into your doctor and get some good advice that may be okay too. The other things that would be concerning would be if you had a big gush of water. So your water is the amniotic fluid that holds the baby.

And it really shouldn’t break until you start to enter labor or until you’re in labor. And so if you feel like you’ve had a big gush of fluid, and you’re sure you haven’t wet your pants, which can sometimes happen with the pressure of the baby on your bladder, if you’ve had a big gush of fluid and you’re pretty sure it’s not urine, then you absolutely need to be assessed by your doctor to see if your water’s broken. And if maybe you’re entering labor. Another thing that would be a concern or a reason to seek help or advice would be if you had bleeding. So as the cervix at the bottom part of the uterus starts to thin and soften because of hormones and pressure of the baby. You can have some pink tinge to mucus or some changes in the vaginal discharge, but if you have any concerns about there being blood, even dark brown or bright red blood, those would be reasons that you need to get in touch with your doctor right away.”

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