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Throat Clearing – Overview

January 24, 2021


One problem a lot of my patients have is constant throat clearing. The constant feeling to need to clear the throat can arise for many different problems. Most of my patients have seen multiple doctors, they’ve been treated for sinus disease or postnasal drip. They’ve also been treated for airway problems, such as asthma. In addition, many of these treatments have not led to significant or any resolution of their symptoms. Throat clearing is often a sensory problem where the throat can become more sensitive to even the normal amounts of nasal drainage or mucus that we produce. We produce over a liter of mucus every day, and that is constantly draining in the throat. That is often not the cause of the throat clearing, but may be a trigger. Reflux disease can also be a trigger. Our approach here is to find the problem and then arrive at a treatment regimen with the least amount of medication or invasive procedures. With our advanced techniques, we can visualize everything from the nose down to the stomach, measure acid, look at sinus disease analogies, to arrive at the cause of your throat clearing and then come up with a treatment regimen. My treatment approach is often without the use of any types of surgeries and in many cases, without medications, leading to a healthier way to alleviate your symptoms.

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