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TIA – Difference Between TIA & Stroke

February 13, 2022


So what’s the difference between a TIA and a stroke? The key difference between a ta and a stroke is that there’s no brain injury with a TIA. Now, I’ll point out that if we look back the definition of TIA was really in the 1960s before the advent of MRI. And we thought that, okay, if you had symptoms the less than 24 hours and the symptoms totally went away, you must not have any permanent brain damage. And that was the definition of a stroke and permanent brain damage. What we found with MRI is that people can have symptoms that lasts an hour and they sometimes go away, but they actually have a stroke. It’s a small one, but they have a stroke. And so we’ve gone to what we call a tissue-based diagnosis where essentially, what we see is we see that the symptoms go away and the MRI shows no evidence of brain damage. And so again, that’s the definition of a tia symptoms go away, but most importantly there is no brain injury on MRI.

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