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Traumatic Brain Injury – Chemical Imbalance

December 15, 2020


Please know that if you’ve experienced even a mild traumatic brain injury, that you may have profound fatigue and even profound depression, it’s due to the fact that a TBI really affects the chemicals in your brain. So that the chemicals that caused you to feel good, to feel happy about yourself, to feel happy about your surroundings, are basically gone and not being manufactured. In addition, the endorphins or our body’s own opiates that make substances so that we don’t feel pain, those are greatly decreased as well. I usually tell my patients, please, to understand that for the first several weeks to several months, you are literally out of your brain, not out of your mind. This is a chemical depression. It is a chemical fatigue, and we can help get you back to a new normal state where you will feel a lot better. You just have to seek that help first.

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