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Traumatic Brain Injury – Diagnosis

December 16, 2020


The hallmark for diagnosing a traumatic brain injury still remains the history, listening to the patient, finding out what happened to you, how long you were out or what kind of symptoms you’re having. Now, we also have a battery of tests that we can do to kind of check and see how your memory and your processing and your reaction times are. And many athletes have already taken this computerized test, called the impact test. If we’re still unsure exactly what’s going on with the brain, the new era of Neurodiagnostics in radiology has really, really helped us. For instance, an MRI may be normal, but newer MRI, such as the diffusion tensor MRI or the functional MRIs can actually show us what area of the brain has been affected and how severely it’s been affected. It could actually show brain cells where the tracks running from the brain cell, connecting it to the rest of the brain had been ripped apart. So we are very lucky right now to be able to have many ways of diagnosing a TBI, just know that a normal MRI in the emergency room does not mean that your brain is entirely normal.

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