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Traumatic Brain Injury – Overview

December 15, 2020


Hello. We’re here to speak a little bit about traumatic brain injury. It’s a term that we hear about a lot now, traumatic brain injury, TBI, and a lot of people just want to know, what is it? What are we talking about? Well, with a traumatic brain injury we’re talking about a specific injury to the brain that originates from an external force, something outside the brain hits the brain, either when you’re playing sports, you hit another player or in soccer, the ball hits your head. If you fall to the ground and hit your head to the ground, that’s an external force. It’s making some major changes within your brain. The place where we hear about them a lot now, too, is in our veterans, returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, with a traumatic brain injury, being something that occurs with the IED blast or the improvised explosive device or the rocket propelled grenade. So anything, even a sound wave, a blast wave that comes and hits against the head from the outside, is what we are referring to. When we’re talking about a traumatic brain injury.

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