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Traumatic Brain Injury – Prognosis

December 15, 2020


The good news is that about 90% of individuals who suffer a mild traumatic brain injury will recover significantly within a month and that’s particularly keeping them safe so that there isn’t a second injury. Some individuals, however, get involved with some sort of substance abuse, about 40 to 70%, to either speed up the brain through caffeine or amphetamines, either legally or illegally purchased, or others try to slow down the brain by alcohol or marijuana. If you have issues with the substance abuse in a year, you often become unemployed and unemployment leads to homelessness. Homelessness can lead to incarceration. And of course the ultimate problem with an individual who can’t regain their brain is that of suicide, and that suicide threat is about eight times greater in a population with a traumatic brain injury than those who have not sustained a TBI.

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