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Traumatic Brain Injury – Recovery

December 15, 2020


When you’re wondering about brain recovery I think it’s very important to remember that the brain acts much more like a computer than it does a living part of the human body. That is, when you get concussed, everything goes down, the hard drives, your computer of your life has crashed. You’re going to have to let it sit there for awhile and you can bring it up gradually. Sometimes on the computer, everything comes back at once, but more often systems kind of reconnect come back on and your computer builds itself back up. And that’s exactly what happens with brain rehab. You’re going to have to kind of retrain the brain to fulfill new pathways or to be able to correct old pathways that have been ripped apart or have been somehow damaged because of the blow to the head. So do keep that in mind. And I think you’ll get a lot less discouraged knowing that maybe it won’t all come back at once. Maybe you’ll develop a new pathway you didn’t have before, but it will come back. Don’t press yourself because the brain isn’t responding exactly as you want it to respond right away. Remember, it’s a computer. It will come back on its own time. You just have to provide the opportunity for the brain to heal by doing your rehab.

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