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Traumatic Brain Injury – Second Impact Syndrome

December 15, 2020


Let’s talk a couple moments about something we call second impact syndrome. And just kind of like the name implies that’s when there was a second impact or a second blow to your brain before the brain has had a chance to heal from the first. And this is primarily only seen in middle schoolers or high schoolers or those young adult brains who sustained one concussion. And then before it is healed, like in the matter of days or weeks, they sustain a second blow to the head because of the fact that when you are in that kind of pre-adolescent and adolescent state, there are a lot more hormones, a lot more substances going around in your brain so that when you disrupt that, not once, but twice in a very short period of time, it can actually lead to a life-threatening condition. So that is why we have to take people out of play. Take middle schoolers out of play, take high schoolers out of play and take our young military members out of the war theater if they sustain a blow to the head. Keep that in mind, make sure that your concussion is completely healed before you go back to the activities where you sustained that injury in the first place.

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