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Traumatic Brain Injury – Symptoms

Traumatic Brain Injury – Symptoms

Traumatic Brain Injury – Symptoms

What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury? And again, the most common would be mild traumatic brain injury. And please keep in mind that there is nothing mild about any brain injury of any form. Most often it is a major disruption in the sensory input coming from the environment. So photophobia or we call kind of that fear of light. That's what it means literally. Well, you have a great light sensitivity because your pupil can no longer dilate and constrict like it should be, so too much light causes headache. You can get migraine type headaches, definitely there's confusion. There's alteration in your thought processes, alteration in your memory and a general out of balance feeling. So just think of a traumatic brain injury is something that disrupts not only the ability for you to filter what is in the environment, but your inability to process what is in the environment as well.

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