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Traumatic Brain Injury – Types

December 15, 2020


We know that traumatic brain injury is divided into mild, moderate, and severe TBI. And that the vast majority are mild traumatic brain injury. Those who sustained a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury have a longer period of loss of consciousness and a lot more deficits than those who have MTBI or mild TBI. And in this group of the moderate to severe, there are individuals primarily who sustained like a fall or fall from a roof, fall from a ladder or a moving kind of injuries such as a motor vehicle accident or a biker, someone on a motorcycle. I mean, these can be very severe because again, you’re talking about the brain that’s taking care of your whole body. When an individual ends up in the emergency room, there is a possibility that somebody with these severe injuries may end up with a surgical procedure. And usually that surgical procedure is performed to relieve swelling of the brain. The brain, like any other part of the body, will get swelling, collection of fluids if there’s bleeding. And the brain has no place to go cause it swells against the skull. And that puts more pressure on the brain. So that’s primarily the individuals that we’re talking about that may require a neurosurgical procedure. Those with moderate or severe traumatic brain injury with swelling on the brain, which is actually causing their brain to go down at a very rapid rate. And that is a number of procedure.

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