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Trigger Finger – Seeing a Specialist

February 16, 2022


When you see the orthopedic specialist to be examined for trigger finger, typically all that’s needed is a physical exam. X-Rays typically don’t give us a lot of insight into any more of the pathology. On a physical exam, patients will typically note that pain right over the start where the tendon goes through its tunnel. That’s usually in the mid palm. A lot of times if it’s been going on for quite some time, the patient can reproduce the clicking and popping that occurs with triggering. Many times, also, you will feel a knot in the palm right where the tendon is swollen. The diagnosis is confirmed based on physical exam. Reproduction of pain at the start of the tunnel is probably the most common symptom that patients have. In other cases where the tendon has actually stuck the finger down into the palm, the diagnosis is fairly straightforward.

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