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Trigger Finger – Symptoms

February 16, 2022


Some of the symptoms of trigger finger: patients typically complain of catching and popping in their finger. So typically they’ll wake up in the morning and the patient will say, my finger was stuck down in the morning and when I started to move it, I felt a pop and it would snap out. That’s because the tenant is being released from that tunnel or the pulley system. Typically they complain of pain right in the palm, right where the tendon starts to go through that tunnel. So right across the mid portion of the palm patients will notice pain and swelling and that’s typically a where you’ll feel a little knot also, if this is longstanding, a lot of time the finger will become more swollen and sometimes it will even cause the knuckle joint to be a little bit contracted or bent down. Pain is usually the reason that patients come to a doctor for evaluation. Typically this can be pretty painful, especially when it snaps. Sometimes the condition can be so severe that the finger is locked down in the palm and can’t be released. Whether the patient tries to pull it out or tries to manually snap it out, it’s stuck there and that’s a more serious condition.

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