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Tumor Genomics – Treatment Plan

February 27, 2021


I think that tumor genomics will be routinely used in structuring the treatment plan for patients early in the process. Basically, at the time that a particular tumor is detected, the tumor specimen will be sequenced and analyzed for a broad, regularly updated panel of variants that are mainly snips. In addition, the patient's somatic DNA is also going to be sequenced as it is today. I'm referring to the non tumor cells. Taken together, these will be laid out into a series of recommendations and a plan for treatment, that both the treating physician and the patient can use in their shared decision-making. And these recommendations will include factors such as what treatment is most likely to terminate or kill the tumor cells, of course, but also what treatment is the individual's metabolism best equipped to handle, what interactions may occur with other conditions, and how will non-cancer cells most likely be impacted by the treatment if it's systemically administered.

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