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Ulcerative Colitis – Overview

January 30, 2021


Ulcerative colitis is a part of inflammatory bowel disease incorporates both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and involves a category of diseases in which there is inflammation in the GI tract. In ulcerative colitis in particular, the inflammation is confined to the colon and it can be seen in various parts of the colon. When it is seen just in the rectum, the very end of the colon, we call it ulcerative proctitis. If it migrates a little higher up than we call it proctosigmoiditis. And then we can see involvement in the entire colon. And that is called pancolitis. This is usually the most severe of the ulcerative colitis phenotypes. Ulcerative colitis can affect both men and women. There are certain peaks in which we see diagnosis. We see it in the second decade of life, meaning in the twenties. We also see a smaller peak in the age of the sixties. This symptoms can vary based on where the disease is and how significant the disease is.

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