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Ureteral Cancer – Statistics

March 12, 2021


Cancer of the ureter is a fairly rare cancer. Only 2 to 3 patients out of every 100,000 develop ureteral cancer. Accounting for less than 4,000 cases in the United States every year. This is one cancer that affects men at a much greater proportion than women. In fact, men are twice as likely compared to women to get cancer of the ureter. The lining of the ureter and the upper urinary tract continues down as the lining of the bladder. And they’re actually made of the same type of mucosa. And about one in five patients with cancer of the ureter simultaneously at the same time, have a cancer in the bladder. There are different types of ureteral cancer, and it’s named after the cell of origin. The most common is called urothelial cancer. There are some less common types, called squamous cell carcinoma and rarely, adenocarcinoma. The average age of diagnosis is 73. So cancer of the ureter is more common in older adults.

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