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Uterine Cancer – Medication

August 17, 2021


Sometimes when uterine cancer is diagnosed in younger women who desire fertility, it can be managed with progesterone hormones or progesterone filled IUDs, intrauterine devices. Hormones can also be utilized in some advanced or recurrent uterine cancer patients. As mentioned, sometimes chemotherapy, biologic therapy, and immunotherapy can also be utilized. The majority of times, such initial therapies in advanced stages can last for six or more months. And it may take a woman almost a year afterwards to feel back to normal. However, in early stages, the surgical recovery takes six to eight weeks internally. Although most women are undergoing minimally invasive robotic or laparoscopic surgeries and are feeling quite well by two to three weeks. Still, these women have to take it relatively easy for up to six to eight weeks due to internal healing that is occurring.

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