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Vaping and Health Concerns

March 3, 2022


As we’ve gotten stricter and more informative about smoking cessation, people have given up cigarettes, they’re resorting to newer ways of taking up nicotine. One such measure is vaping. Now more and more vaping products have flavors. And some of those flavors are actually geared towards marketing to younger people who shouldn’t be smoking or using nicotine in the first place. They have cotton candy flavors. They have bubble gum flavors, and flavors that are intended to increase use amongst younger people. It doesn’t matter what age you are. If you are vaping, you expose yourself to all kinds of complications that come with nicotine, but also the vaping products have toxicity to the lung where some of the material cause a very serious inflammatory condition in the lungs that lead to advanced scarring and potentially could be life threatening. So I recommend that if you are not gonna use nicotine in cigarettes, that you don’t use nicotine of any form, because nicotine itself has cardiac toxicity, vasoconstriction, meaning constriction of the blood vessels of the heart and of the remainder of the circulation. So my suggestion is avoid vaping. It’s no better and potentially as harmful, if not more harmful, than smoking cigarettes.

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